Welcome to the Rome: Total War™ Survival Kit.

On this website I provide a detailed guide into preventing or solving problems with Rome: Total War™. The main purpose is to help you in setting up your system and your drivers properly for Rome: Total War™. This website will focus on the known problems with RTW, and provide solutions when they are available, or suggestions on configuring your system to optimise it for RTW. You will also find articles on how to correctly handle drivers for your hardware, Windows XP settings, DirectX and basically anything you need to know to get it to work in most cases. Not all known issues are dealt with at the moment. I will update this site regularly over the next couple days, so if your problem is not listed, please check back regularly.

All information in this guide is presented as general guidelines. While it will help many of you to set up your system right and improve your performance, it will not solve all problems in all situations. The plethora of different hardware and software, combined with possible local issues on your system, might lead to situations where this general information won't lead to a solution to your problem. The information is provided as is, without any guarantee for success.

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