Chances are that you arrived at this page because you are experiencing problems with running Total War™. The good news is that on these pages you will find solutions for most common problems. Forget everything you tried so far. I might even ask you to do the same thing again. The reason for that is, that every detail has to be optimized to exclude the obvious reasons for problems with the game.  I have used this method of keeping my system up to date for years, and I have never experienced any problem with any game, including all Total War games. I have also done some extensive testing on my main pc, and here you can check out my testresults.

If I narrow the causes for problems in games down, I'd say these are the most common reasons for problems:

1 - Driver incompatibility issues (definitely the most common cause)

2 - Incompatibilities in video and/or audio codecs

3 - In game settings

4 - In-game bugs

So if you work from the top, and follow all the steps on this site to the letter, you will exclude options 1 and 2. That will solve the problems for the vast majority. If you still experience problems after you tried everything I suggest, then you have something that needs further investigation, because the problem is caused by either an ingame bug or some other obscure and rare combination of circumstances.

The problems with Rome: Total War can be narrowed down into three main areas:

1 - Installation problems

2 - Performance problems

3 - Online problems

Below you will find brief descriptions of each, and a link to the portion of this site where you find solutions to your problems


1 - Installation problems

Most, if not all problems related to installing the game are related to the copy protection software included on Disc 1 (Safedisc 3). To solve them, you have to go through some necessary steps to avoid these problems. A bummer, for sure, but that's the way it is. Another bummer is, that this portion of this site has not been completed yet. It will be available within days, so be sure to return soon.

2 - Performance problems

This includes any kind of crashes to desktop (CTD's), Windows Blue Screens of Death (BSOD's), black screens after switching modes, slow performance, either in the strategy or battle portion of the game, mouse lag and sound issues. Most of these can be solved, thank Jupiter!

           Continue to Performance Solutions

3 - Online problems

This portion of the site only deals with problems with online connectivity: going online, connecting to games, and hosting games. Sadly, this section has not been completed either. So again, be sure to be back soon.


At this moment it's not possible to list a good set of known issues and specify the exact solution. While the suggestions that are on my site at the moment are a good starting point, practically everything is still under investigation to provide either more accurate information, other solutions and tweaks that could help you to improve the performance of the game. The information on this site will be updated with more information as soon as it becomes available.